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What is Beautiful Faith?

A movement to encourage women to share their ' beautiful faith' with others around the world.




The Movement

The movement was founded by music artist and JCTV host, Larissa Lam, in order to reach a new generation of women for Christ through the power of creative expression, new media and storytelling.We want to encourage and empower women to express their Beautiful Faith with others by contributing their stories of faith to local and web communities. Through our website, events and online communities, we aim to provide resources and encouragement to help further this movement.


The Music

TheHigher Sounds: Beautiful Faith CD is a collection of inspirational and worshipful songs from 13 female singers and songwriters. We hope the songs from this CD can provide comfort, encouragement, healing and uplifting to others.


The Artists

The artists and speakers of Beautiful Faith represent different cultural backgrounds and experiences but all are united by their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. Real women with real stories. Their words and music reflect and outpouring of faith in times of trials and triumphs.

The Stories

The women of Beautiful Faith have diverse experiences, passions and stories. All are evidence of God's ability to turn something that seems ugly, painful or insignificant into something "beautiful." We hope their stories of overcoming life-threatening illnesses, dealing with heartbreak, feeling at a crossroads with career choices and wrestling with physical imperfections can give comfort to others who
encounter these trials. Along with the trials are the stories of triumph that will give hope to those who may feel discouraged and frustrated by life's circumstances. Ultimately, we hope the stories turn others onto God's faithfulness and saving grace.


To read our Statement of Faith, click here

The Beautiful Faith movement is a ministry department of Artists in Christian Testimony International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is an arts missions and ministry sending organization.


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