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Deb Fung
Winner of the 2003 National Gospel Award for Best New Gospel Artist with her music debuting in the public arena in late 2002, this Australian-born Chinese singer/songwriter continues to lift her audiences with her inspiring lyrical melodies and soul-searching tunes.


Coming from a commerce/law background, having grown up in Melbourne Australia, at 23 years of age Deb took the plunge in pursuing her passions for this career of music full time. In her music, Deb writes not only in an effort to encourage and uplift, but also to stretch people in their capacity and their perception. In a number of her new songs she boldly addresses hard realities of our weaknesses and struggles, at the same time engaging the human spirit to inspire and spur us on to betterment.


As Deb explains, "The more we grasp and analyze about ourselves, the better we understand who we are and who we are becoming. I think a key to improving the way we treat others and ourselves is being self-aware. Music has a way of stripping through pretence and baring the soul. I am compelled to be honest in my songwriting and while it might be uncomfortable at times and show vulnerability, perhaps that is precisely what people need and want to feel today. It wakes us up."


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