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Larissa Lam
Nicknamed "The Singing CFO," Larissa is a former record label executive and Nitro Praise singer turned JCTV host and singer/songwriter shattering stereotypes with her soulful voice.

Growing up in Southern California, Larissa was brainwashed into believing she would become a doctor. Forced to play piano at age 5, she is a testament to how God often uses people in unsuspecting ways. Raised on conservative Chinese cultural values and living in an increasingly liberal American society, she would spend many years struggling with her identity. Many people believed she was foolish for pursuing a career in the arts since there were so few Asian-Americans in that field. Upon receiving her degree in Business Economics from UCLA, she would wrestle with reconciling an emphasis on a high-earning, stable career and humbly walking by faith to pursue what seemed impossible. God has rewarded her faithfulness and has opened doors beyond what she could imagine with her music and ministry.

Larissa's passion is to mobilize a new generation of mission-minded believers. She believes music can be a catalyst to inspire others to actively live out their faith and reach the nations with the Gospel. Larissa is a World Vision artist associate and is a strong advocate for underprivileged children. She has strong desire to use her bi-lingual background to help reach Asian nations, where Christianity is unfamiliar and in some instances, forbidden.

As a composer, Larissa has written music for TV shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show. She scored a Top 10 CCM Rhythmic Hit with her song "Breathing More." Beyond her music, Larissa's strong stage presence and engaging personality enable her to connect with diverse audiences all over the world. Larissa Lam is the executive producer of Beautiful Faith.


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