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Life-changing revelations can come at odd moments. For singer/songwriter Rachanee, it was during a very unusual job interview where she flipped a coin to decide between pursuing a career in music or a career in photojournalism. Her song, "Ordinary Girl" is about her life after college finding her footing in the world. Feeling daunted and overwhelmed by life's choices and uncertainty in career, she discovered a greater truth about herself and God.

"God is always accomplishing amazing things in and through us, despite how we may feel or act. Yes, we are ordinary - but God is extraordinary, and it's awesome when we let that truth shine in our lives." Rachanee came on the independent music scene in 2003 with the release of her EP "Chosen Path." She made her full-length debut with 2004's "Ordinary Girl." Her sophomore album, "3 am," was released in the spring of 2007. Garnering comparisons to Michelle Branch, Jennifer Knapp and Natalie Merchant, her guitar-driven folk/rock music and heartfelt lyrics have been gaining attention nationwide.


Songs from her 2004 release "Ordinary Girl" are featured on College, AAA, and Christian radio stations around the country. The title track, "Ordinary Girl," debuted at #11 on KTLF in Colorado and went to #1 for three consecutive weeks on WPFF in Michigan and Wisconsin.


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