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Rosanna Fiorazo
Rosanna Fiorazo lives a lifestyle of worship that is reflected in her music. Rosanna feels her purpose is to sing and write songs that the Lord has given her, hoping that HE will heal the brokenhearted and people will be set free (Isa.42:6 -8 & 61:1) "God doesn't need our worship, but He deserves it and instructs us to worship Him. As we do, whether in song, prayer, or in action, it changes us - the worshipers. It's important that as we worship Him we don't get in the way. If someone walks away from one of my concerts thinking about me, I haven't done my job."

She previously won the "Best New Music" award from the FISH Radio station in Los Angeles. This momentum also helped peak the interest of radio stations all over the country, and since then she's played in well over 100 U.S. cities and a trip to Canada.

In the early 90's, Rosanna moved to Los Angeles, California, and became the backup vocalist for Toto's lead singer, Bobby Kimball. She has shared the stage with Paul Shaffer, Steve Lukather (Toto), Bobby LaKind (The Doobie Brothers). Having a taste of the Rock and Roll lifestyle, Rosanna soon discovered something more fulfilling.


She became a born-again Christian in 1996. Her new faith led her to counsel homeless teens and distribute food for Covenant House in Hollywood, CA. Rosanna attended Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, CA for four years and sang on the church's worship team led by Tommy Walker. She has also performed with Kim Hill and Andre Crouch.


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